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I tried out their 30 day money back guarantee. I’ve expierienced nothing but slow connection speeds. Only two ping locations that shows reasonable ping of 31ms. when you go to request or a refund within the 30 day money back period. They don’t refund right away they will send you multiple emails and questions about what kind of faults you’re experiencing and bitcoin continually ask that you give them the opportunity to help you fix issues that are not fixable. Laggy when you’re doing face 2 face networking via webcam or live streaming Audio and video is not in sync. Purchased the 12 months package via Paypal. do not use Private Internet Access (PIA) as they are a waste of money and time. completely jbig waste of time and a huuuuge Headache!.

3 months agoOnly use wallets whereas you have control over the private keys/recovery seed, as that way, even if the exchanges you use gets hacked, your coins don’t get lost along with it. While this quote is directly referring to bitcoin, it should apply to pretty much every single cryptocurrency.

You can’t really go it alone, either. There’s generally a fee, like 1% of your profits, that you have to pay to be part of the mining pool. You’ll want to mine as part of a "mining pool," which combines your mining power with other people’s and shares the resulting profits between all of you according to the hash power you bring.

DeFi saw the greatest year-over-year growth -- 1,964% -- for laundering illicit funds, the report showed; mining activity was second at less than 500%. Chainalysis attributes the growth of crime in DeFi to "hype"; outsize returns from tokens like Shiba Inu that drove speculative trading; and the ease with which new DeFi tokens can be created.

The report said Binance spokesman Stephen Milton said Binance as a private company doesn't need to disclose details of its investor or corporate structure but that information is shared with regulators when requested. Milton told the newspaper Zhao wasn't available for comment.

Private Internet Access is one of the few verified no logs VPN services that has survived real-world tests. There were two separate court cases where Private Internet Access was subpoenaed for data logs, but they could not provide any information.

That should be enough for you to hopefully stop unnecessarily leaving funds on Binance or exchanges in general. On the 8th of May 2019, hackers have stolen $40 million worth of Bitcoin from the Binance exchange through a "variety of techniques, including phishing, viruses and other attacks", as said by ChangPeng "CZ" Zhao, Binance’s CEO, on their article publicized on the 7th of May 2019. While the exchange itself might be secure, your account might not be.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the relationship between the US arm of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and two trading firms with ties to Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

9 months agoCryptoSec was found solely to help people learn how to protect their bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from scammers and btc hackers. If you think some people you know are interested in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, feel free to share our articles to hopefully prevent catastrophic hacks and scams.

Anything that promises to mine Bitcoin with your CPU is a scam, as it won’t even be worth the cost of electricity. It’s impossible to make money mining Bitcoin on your computer, even if you have a decent graphics processor (GPU) optimized for gaming.

Binance is definitely one of those exchanges that are taking their security seriously, and because of that, Binance is a great platform to use for trading cryptocurrencies. With that said, no matter how secure the exchange is, they’re always a hot target for hackers. Hence, storing funds for long-term storage on Binance and any other exchange is a big no.

"Binance.US is committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance," he was quoted as saying. The Journal said a spokesman for Binance.US, Zachary Tindall, declined to comment on the SEC investigation and any relationship with the two trading companies.

The only way to have total control and to have significantly better security over your funds is to use a wallet that gives you access to your private keys/recovery seed. If there’s one thing that we want you to remember from this article, is the quote " not your keys, not your bitcoin ". That way, even if for instance every single existing bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange gets hacked, your coins will be untouched.

Hence, you could really do transactions even if the computer device you’re using is infected with malware and viruses, as long as you make sure that the coins are being sent to the right address. High security – your wallet’s private keys never leave the device.

One area of the investigation's focus is how Binance.US disclosed to customers its links to the trading firms, the report said, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. act as market makers that trade cryptocurrencies on the Binance.US exchange. Sigma Chain AG and Merit Peak Ltd.

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